welcome to my


This is a place to share my passions
hiking and photography.

what's up here?


Hiking is one of my passions, I like to share that experience here.


As a kid I realized photography is a way to make awesome memories, one photo equals a story of many words. I love to share the passion here.


Well, there's always something else, isn't there? I'll drop that here.

“When hiking I like to make photos, it's all about exploring”

why share it

Sharing things you're passionate about....

If you first land on my website, I’m a stranger to you. You will not know me after visiting this site, but you get a pretty good idea what I’m about and what some of my passions are.


Whether you’re curious about me, want to know more about the hikes, my 

photos or anything else, I’m here to answer any questions.